Homeschooling My Children Pt. 1

Homeschooled!?  That’s the reaction I get when I tell someone that is my exact plans for my children.  Not from all people, mind you, but a good sum.    “Why would you want to do that?  Won’t he end up socially impaired?  Don’t you have to be certified to do that?”  I can’t help but giggle at the questions I receive.

I’ll admit, homeschooling isn’t for everyone, and I am sure there are some that think it’s just a way to keep more control of their children..or not that much.  This house is very different.  So different, I wanted my children to have a chance of learning so much more than what they are teaching in school  (Common Core anyone??).

Aidan & Savannah in the playdough zone

My children are two and four.  Yes, this would be the year that my son (the oldest), would be in pre-k.  That didn’t happen due to him having some problems with his speech.  In this area, they are required to do so many things before they are able to start, well, anything.  So no, he did not go to Head Start or Pre-K.

So after months of fighting trying to get the help he needs (think last year people!), including involving his PCP, I did what any good parent would do, I took matters into my own hands.  I did research, and more research, and just a little more.  When I was finished, I said three little words to myself, “I’ve got this”.   It’s a time I learned, I could not only teach him how to speak, or just reading and math, I can go so much farther.

Easel paper rolls are -seriously- my new best friend!

Since then, Aidan has come a long way.  He’s a very active child, so patience with his fidgeting is a must.  He will never be the type to sit for hours with a book and learn something (nor will Savannah I’m sure).  Hands on is more their style.  I can work with that.  Public schools cannot do that for my children.

Keep in mind that each school system is different.  When they speak of schools in the media, they speak of one in particular, not as a whole.  One school may have it all, but there are many that do not have anything.  There are those that don’t have the funding or the personnel.  Believe it or not, there are schools who do not even know the current law of homeschoolers! Yes, that last part needs to change to!

Note:  This past June we finally got the IU9 to send someone in and evaluate Aidan.  About a month later he started to see a speech therapist.  She sees him on and off, depending on her schedule, for a half hour, once a week.

Until part two…


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