Homeschooling Pt. 2 -Roadschooling

There can be a number of reasons why children get homeschooled  For some, it may be for religious reasons, or it may be the school system does not offer the right programs for special needs children.  There are more reasons and circumstances than you may think.

A few months ago my husband and I had sat down to figure out where we are going.  Did we want to move to Texas, Montana, or stay here?  Did we want to try opening a food truck, or work at a resort?  What about the kids?  They’re so young, what if we decide to go on the road?  Do they hop from one school to the next, or do we take them out permanently.  Was teaching them on the road even possible?



So for the next month, I researched along with so many other things.  I joined Facebook groups that had to do with full-time rvers.  I scrolled through, learning as much as I could, even watching YouTube videos and reading blogs like crazy!  Come to find out, what we wanted was very much possible.

Homeschooling on the road was very much a real thing.  Or rather Roadschooling, as they call it.  This is perfect for those that must travel for their job, or for those that have the luxury of traveling for pleasure (a bit jealous here).  Roadschooling gives you the chance to not only spend more time with your family, but what better way to learn than to see everything in person?


With all the issues that have aroused with our local school districts, what kind of learners our children are, and our plans for our own business, this was perfect! Keep in mind, it’s not going to be easy.  There will be some hard times.  It’s not easy living in a camper with others, or trying to fit all you own in a 32′ camper.


The good thing is, we are a close-knit family.  We love spending time together and going on adventures.  Hands on learning will be such a big plus for them.  No matter where we end up, there is a living lesson.

“What about social skills?  Won’t they have problems with being around others when they are older”?   No!  They are and will be around other children and adults of all ages, not just one age group.  When we are in one place (like now), they will have their choices of sports, music, and classes like Karate, which will be mandatory in our house.

So no matter what circumstances you may be in, it is very possible to teach your children.  Do a little research.  Ask questions.  You never know what you might find out.

Do you have questions about homeschooling, unschooling, roadschooling.. or anything that doesn’t involve sending your children to public school?  Comment below or email me!

2 thoughts on “Homeschooling Pt. 2 -Roadschooling

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  1. Very cool!
    So, when roadschooling, do you just register in one state but travel as you please? That seems like the easiest option but is that what you do? We may do this at some point, but currently we are renting in GA (and homeschooling). 🙂


    1. Hi Valerie! I’m still learning myself, and will do a blog when I have all the solid details. From what I have learned so far, if you are roadschooling, you register your child in your homebase state.

      Right now our home (or where we have all our licence, registrations, and mail go to) is in PA, so that is the state we would register our children through.


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