Pumpkinville Field Trip

We recently took our kids to Pumpkinville, which is located in Great Valley, NY.  If you have never been there, be sure to set a day aside and take your whole family.  It was absolutely beautiful (in the high 80’s!!), and the perfect day to set out to find that perfect pumpkin. 

For those that homeschool, this is a good place to take your children.  There are so many activities they can enjoy, all the while learning.  Don’t worry, there are some things for the adults to, though it’s focused more on family.  The best part?  Free parking and admission.

There are an array of shops where you can find decor, clothing, handmade soaps, as well as homemade fudge and other edible goodies.  While you’re there, be sure to grab some of their made-right-there pumpkin doughnuts and apple cider.

They have so much to offer, and not just a huge variety of pumpkins and apples to choose from  (both grown right there in NYS).  They also have kettle corn and ice cream!  When you’re ready for lunch or dinner, they have the Pumpkinville Grill going at all times, not to mention their mouth watering bbq’s they have on the weekends.

3 Story Goat Houuse
3 Story Goat House

Now, don’t feel lonely if you’re eating on your own.  They have some farm animals nearby that you can feed, as well as a three story goat house that has a line where you can send feed right up to them.

The activities seem to grow more and more every year.  They have events all through the season, so be sure to check out the website for their calendar. Other than events, they have everything from train and hay rides, to the jumpin’ pillow, to the corn maze.

The 2017 Corn Maze ft. Curious George

There are other things scattered throughout as well.  The apple blaster is new this year.  Shooting apples at targets?  Yes please!  There’s the talking pumpkin, a child friendly spook barn, a story land, and yes, even a singing chicken show!

I mentioned earlier that this was a good place to bring homeschooled children.  That is very true.  Not only do you get to teach your children how pumpkins come to their local stores, but the apples to!  You also get to see first hand how it goes from apples, to apple cider with their huge cider press! Again, I repeat, be sure to take some fresh apple cider and doughnuts home with you!  Have I mentioned you can watch them make doughnuts?

                                                           Pumpkinville Cider Press

Lastly, but not in the bit least, is the Pumpkinville Mining Company.  Here you can purchase small bags of sand and have the children “mine” for their treasures.  In each bag (your choice of), you can find gemstones, fossils, arrowheads and more.

                      Randall, Patty (aka Gram Gram), and the kids mining for treasures.

With the gemstone bag, they even include a card with the “Gemstones of the World”  On one side it will have pics and the other will have info on each kind.  They have thirty-one of them listed.  I am not sure how many gemstones there are in the world, but this can just open a new discovery on what you have, and what can be found in the future.

Randall and our children

All in all, the kids had a great time.  After a long day (of nearly five hours), I had to literally, drag my son out, because he just wasn’t done exploring.  My daughter on the other hand was already curling up happily with her pumpkin and ready to sleep all the way home.  Content was she ever, especially holding her pumpkin.

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