Deal of the Day Coming Soon

From time to time, there isn’t much new to talk about.  For those that are stay at home parents, you know this to be a fact.  Maybe it is a different day, but you get the same tantrums.  You may get up, get breakfast, clean, and figure out meals for the day.  You scroll through Facebook when you should be getting those projects done, or if you’re like me, getting those errands done.

Errands.  That should be enough to make shivers go down any adults spine.  You’re trying to haul your little ones with you when you’re trying to get groceries, or worse, items for whatever home repairs or cleaning needs to be done.  What could be worse than that?  When you finally sneak out for those needed items, you find your discount store is out of stock, so now you’re stuck with the crazy prices of convenience stores.

Having worked in retail for many years, learning from the ground up (literally), you learn a variety of, well, we’ll call them tricks. Working in warehouses can teach you a few things to.  I may be a stay at home mom now, and that may have dampered my out and about deal hunts, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know how to use those skills at home online.

I’m a big Amazon fan  (obviously).  They have saved my hide more than once.  Knowing when you are Prime member, you can get it in a short few days  (sometimes the very next day), helps out in a big way when you have family and a business to run  (homeschooling/ work at home anyone??)

From here on out, when not much is going on, I will be posting deals that every parent can use.  I’m not talking, “Oh look, $2 off”!!  I’m talking actual deals that every parent can use.  Perfect for those that are running a household, a family, or homeschooling kids can use.  If you’re not a prime member, you can join here.  Don’t worry, they won’t all be from Amazon.

So follow me on my continued journey of a wife and a mom of toddlers.  While we’re at it, let’s do a little shopping.

~ Rita

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