It’s Halloween Time!!

For those that know me know that Halloween is a big part of who I am.  You ask why.  I have no idea.  It could be the way I grew up.  My mother, sister, and I don’t have a lot in common (at least with our mother), but one thing we all loved was this one holiday.  Yes, I say holiday, because to us, that is exactly what it is.  While most people look forward to Christmas  (Yule, whatever have you), we look forward to the ghost and goblin part of the year.

OK, I should probably tell the truth.  It’s not about gore, the horror movies, or scaring the crap out of one another.  It was more of our love for witches and vampires.  The love for things that go bump in the night.  Corrupt much?  Well yes, yes I am.

Now that my sister and I don’t have much to do with our parents  (ugh, long story), I often wondered if that would affect our love for  Halloween.  Nope, not at all.  We both love our vamps and witches, as well as the decorating part.  Though we came from an area where we had a couple of acres to decorate if we so chose, we now live in a place where outside decorating is at a minimum – BUT- that doesn’t stop me from decorating the hay out of the house!

Now that I have kids, I have showered my love of Halloween on them.  Don’t worry, I have let them be their own person and have stepped back from being one of those parents that make the children into what they want.  I (nor my sister) are into that.  If anything we went about doing our own thing and looked upon our children to see how they would react to the holiday.

**tears of joy falling**

I’m proud to say my children are starting to show the same love as their mom and their aunt.  My son currently has bats hanging in his room, as well (thanks to their moms crafty skills) webs, spiders, and all things sparkly hanging in various parts of the house, and not just their rooms or our front porch.

When it came time to do pumpkins, I did something a little different this year.  I took them to Wal-mart and had them pick out two colors of spray paint.  When we arrived home, I took the time with each kid and headed to my studio.  There we spent a good two hours (total, mind you) on the computer with the Cricut ready to go.  They had a blast choosing what they wanted on their pumpkin.  Thank goodness for Oracal 651 vinyl.  No matter the weather we have, it sticks to everything!

While the designs were cutting I headed outside to prep and paint their pumpkins.  A light sanding helps the spray paint stay on.  Be careful, once the decals are on the pumpkin, don’t bother trying to take them off, the paint will go with it!  You can see what I mean on the blue-green pumpkin.  Aidan wasn’t happy with the placement of the web.  Luckily though, it just gave it some extra character when we replaced it and gently scraped off more paint -to his liking.

wood 6

To better end the day is when we went to local trunk-or-treat.  I’ll be honest, I’m not a big fan of it at all.  Some may argue that it’s safer, and on some level that may be true.  I’m also going to use the line of “When we were kids”.  It’s true, when we were kids, we went about, doing our own thing, going from door to door, not worrying about what may be in our bag.  We got to enjoy our little handmade costume and got to hang with our friends.  Not stand in line while -bags that have been checked-  people hand out candy from their trunks, then bam! it’s all over.

The temperature dropping considerably fast, it was the best way for two toddlers to get out and kind of enjoy dressing up and seeing their cousins.  In the coming years, I hope to be in an area where I’m not forced to make them look like Eskimos while dancing like a woodland fairy.. or in my daughters case, a broom flying witch!

wood 6 -2

Have fun my fellow goblins, and be safe out there!

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