21 As Seen on TV Products that are Worth every Cent

We see them online, at your local Wal-mart, and of course, television.  Thousands of As Seen on TV products are available and always seems to be big hits.  The questions is, how many of them are worth the price?  Do they even work?  If they do, then it’s completely worth the spending.  If not, how much money was just wasted?  When it comes to us having a family, we need to budget, but it’s also nice to have things that can make our life just a little easier, if not more pleasant.

Here is a compiled list of products that I think are worth investing in this year.


#1    Awesome Concentrated Cleaner 
If you’re going to buy anything from this list, be sure it’s this cleaner.  I use it for everything.  From basic house cleaning (Ground in clay mud + Toddlers = Disaster) to using it on my craft supplies (Cricut mats anyone?).



#2    Acupressure Mat and Pillow  
From mild or chronic pain, this will help, and it saves on those chiropractor bills.  This mat and pillow set will help ease pain from sciatic  to headaches to helping with sleep.



#3     Bible Audio Player 
Enjoy reading the bible but busy traveling?  Hate reading, but love audio?  Check out this King James audio.



#4    Car Seat Gap Filler
Where has this been all my life??  Who else has lost their cellphone, paperwork, or even worse, credit cards?  You go through the drive-through and somehow manage to drop your money right between the seats.  Problem solved!



#5    Collapsible LED Lantern
Everyone needs one of these.  Perfect for camping, working on vehicles, and power outages.  Let’s face it, with all the storms raging around us, it’s always a good thing to have something like this on hand.  Shockproof, waterproof, collapsible, and COB LED?  Yes, please!



#6    The Drive Bin
Nothing drives me more insane than my truck having trash all over..  Whether you work on the road or have messy toddlers, this bin is perfect.  Use it for trash or keep it for toys.  Plus it comes with a 20 pack of liners!



#7    Easy Eggwich
I know a few people that would be thrilled to get their hands on this!  Breakfast sandwiches are a big thing, but having the time to make the perfect egg?  Not so much.  This gadget can make light and fluffy eggs in no time!  Plus no more dried or soggy eggs.



#8    Flex Seal Liquid
Get it in white  or  black
Non-toxic liquid rubber.  Need I say more?  This stuff to great to use on just about anything!  Great for cracks and small holes.  We’re also using this on our camper remodel with no problems at all.



#9    Grooming Glove
We all love our pets, but that fur!  These gloves are the best thing I have come across.  Whether you are just giving your pup a good rub down or it being bath time, these gloves with help you rid of some of that shedding.



#10    Magic Pens
Where were these when I was a kid?  Let your child’s imagination soar with these markers.  They work on all types of paper, including coloring books!



#11    MyPillow
I’ve seen these out for a while and my first thought was, “Oh look another type of pillow”.  Seems harsh, but in our house, the perfect pillow seems impossible to find -until now.  No more having issues with getting comfortable or the pillow going flat after a month.



#12    Magnet Screen Door
When these first came out, they were a huge hit, but a major disappointment as they didn’t work as well as I hoped they would.  I was unsure of getting the “New and Improved” version, but it works so much better than the original.  The magnets are much stronger and the screen is more durable with no more fighting getting in and out.



#13    NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop
I’ve been banned from using the kitchen stove for my soap making.  Ok, not really, but I like using my own little cooktop for my own creations in my studio.  Are you traveling from hotel to hotel?  What about camping?  These are perfect for at home or on-the-go.



#14    Pink Armor Nail Gel
For those having problems with nail growth or trying to repair your nails, this is a must-have.  You can also use it as a base coat for your other polishes.



#15    Pedi Foot File
Spring is among us, and so is sandal season!  There are tons of ways to get your feet healthy, but none that is as easy and painless as this tool!



#16    Perfect Meatloaf Pan
My sister makes an amazing meatloaf, and she was sweet enough to share the recipe with me.  Though it will never be as good as hers, what better way to make it, than with this pan.  Bread pans are a common use for making meatloaf, but this pan helps cook evenly, it’s non-stick, and helps rid the fat.



#17    Sagging Cushion Support
Couches are so wonderful when they are new but rarely do you come across a set that doesn’t eventually start to sag.  Not everyone can afford a new set, which is why these cushion supports are the best thing!



#18    Stander HandyBar  
Ever have a moment of, “Why didn’t I think of that”?  This tool is a must-have for all vehicles.  This window breaker, belt cutter can save your life. “But it’s a handybar”?  Yes, but not just for the elderly either.  This helps those who have problems with their back, legs, broken limbs, and even those who are expecting.



#19    Tactical Flashlight
Another one of those must-haves in emergencies.  Waterproof, ultra bright LED that has five modes, and heatproof.  Comes in a pack of two, which always helps.



#20    Vegetable Slicer
Remember ages ago when the original came out and you were so excited about not having to slice that onion, but you had to worry about your finger instead?  You’ll be glad to know that kitchen gadget has come a long way.  Choose what you chop and the style it’s chopped in while saving time.. and your fingers!



#21    Wham-O Hamper Hoops
Ever wonder if this would work with your spouse?  Just kidding, but seriously, having a basketball hoop is great encouragement for getting that dirty laundry where it belongs.  Perfect for teens and toddlers to!


** Click on the highlighted item for more info and pricing.  If you purchase from one of my links, I may get a small commission.  Don’t worry, it doesn’t cost you any more, it just helps me continue my love of writing and connecting with others. **

Happy Shopping Everyone!

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